Hi and welcome to my website and my therapy practice! I offer therapy in English to both Swedish and internationally-based clients. I am available to meet at my office at Curakliniken in Malmö, Sweden as well as via video. I’m originally from Sweden but spent most of my adult life in the United States until I moved back to Sweden in 2020. Having lived as an immigrant in the United States, and worked professionally with therapy clients from all over the world, I’m culturally sensitive and also familiar with challenges sometimes faced by expats and immigrants.

I work with individuals and couples to:

  • find relief from anxiety and other distressing emotions
  • heal trauma
  • improve self-esteem
  • improve communication
  • find greater relationship satisfaction
  • experience greater overall clarity, aliveness, fulfillment and empowerment

Feel free to look through these pages to learn more.

To schedule an initial appointment, please contact me at:

+46 730 86 74 34 or matshMFT@gmail.com.

My office is located at Curakliniken, Erikslustvägen 24, 217 73 Malmö, Sweden. I am also available to meet via video.

Feel free to contact me to talk about your particular situation or needs or any questions you may have.

My style as a therapist combines a calm and gentle presence with an active approach to facilitating change. I don’t impose theories about how you should be or what you need, but trust in your own inherent wisdom. At the same time, I actively guide and support you in your process of healing, self-discovery and unfolding.

I offer a supportive therapeutic environment in which you can safely and freely explore the issues you bring to therapy. I help you identify, shift and transform unconscious beliefs, negative emotional responses, and self-defeating patterns that cause distress, and thereby find greater wellbeing, fulfillment and empowerment in your life. I also help you connect deeply with all of who you are, including your skills, strengths and natural aliveness, allowing these to become resources for healing and growth.

As a holistic therapist, I honor you as a thinking, feeling, embodied, social and spiritual being, and I work with your concerns along these different dimensions, as appropriate. See Treatment Approach and Therapeutic Modalities for a more in-depth description of my clinical approach.

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